Sodium Hypochlorite Feed System


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All the chemical injection functions packed into one unit.

This chemical injection system combines a high-performance pump and multi-function tank to deliver the ultimate in usefulness and safety. When it is used in combination with a pump featuring a timer control function, the scope of its applications becomes even wider.

Level Gauge With Simple Weighing Function

Just close the suction valve and stop the tank liquid to use the level gauge to easily check the discharge amount with the pump connected.

Up to 54% reduced

Eliminate Chemical Waste

A special tank bottom design and positioning of the suction valve help eliminate waste.

Wide Pump Space

A wide pump space for easy operation and maintenance.
Can mount two units.(PTS-50/120 only)

Easy Maintenance

A drain to release the remaining solution in the intake piping when the pump is removed is standard equipment.

Easy Attachment

Additional information

Tank Capacity

30L, 50L, 120L

Input Type

Manual, mADC, Pulse, Timer/Batch