What Is Superior Analytical Instruments?

 In Overview

Superior Analytical Instruments (SAI) is a sales group that brings decades of experience in measurement and control of liquids and gases to the upper mid-west region of the United States.  We specialize in measurement instrumentation, pumps and valves for water and wastewater treatment.

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SAI’s newest product line is a stand alone chemical feed system from Tacmina.  The system is available in 30, 50 and 120 liter sizes.Tacmina Chem System

SAI also offers the Van London pHoenix line of analytical sensors for pH, Conductivity, Ion Selective, Chlorine and Dissolved Oxygen measurement.  These sensors are designed for the harsh environments found in industrial processes and are available in many form factors to facilitate easy, direct replacement of your existing sensors.  Many of the Van London pHoenix sensors are available with Memosens® to make calibration and sensor replacement as easy as possible.

Knick is one of the most trusted companies for analytical measurement in the world and is the latest brand to join SAI.  Knick offers process transmitters, sensors, and fittings to meet nearly any need in the continuous measurement environment and is a brand of choice by global chemical manufacturing giants such as Bayer ®.

Knick’s new MemoRail® transmitter allows a Memosens® signal to be brought directly into a control panel enclosure.  It’s a small transmitter that mounts on the rail within the enclosure and significantly reduces the cost of integrating Memosens® measurement into a project.

SAI is now the agent for most lines offered by Murphy and Dickey.  As Murphy and Dickey’s agent, SAI will be serving Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with a wide product portfolio. Murphy and Dickey has been an active sales representative organization since 1943 serving the upper mid-west.

We look forward to serving the upper mid-west region effectively, professionally and courteously for years to come.

A Short Video Introduction to the Knick Stratos Pro pH Transmitter




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